Mark Alger

Born in London my fascination with photographic images goes back to when he was a child, something that continues to this day. This fascination has developed in parallel with that of an increasing appreciation of the photographic image’s potential for manifesting itself as ‘Art’.

The thrill of a first camera at the age of twelve (a Zeiss Ikonta gift from my grandfather he had owned said camera for many years, still in my possession) and an SLR (Pentax ME Super) at the age of eighteen was ultimately tempered by the frustrations of film processing. The anticipation of awaiting the receipt of prints, only to be, more often than not, so very disappointed with the results. This changed in 2006 with the purchase of my first Digital SLR camera.

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The digital image creation process affords the end-to-end control that I feel is necessary in order that he may attempt to deliver his own creative vision and style. Certainly landscape, architectural and industrial subjects are those that appeal and inspire but inspiration comes from light and mood; it is always light and mood before subject matter. Abstraction and 'Extraction' tend to be to the fore, compositionally, in a large amount of my images, although that is not solely to the exclusion of the wider view where light and form are conducive.

I have exhibited my work at various events within Oxfordshire and Hampshire. I sell framed and mounted prints locally, see the Outlets section for details.

I currently uses a full frame Canon DSLR and a Sony mirrorless system,equipped with several 'L' series Canon lenses.